Vasantham Foundry 's strength lies in its dedicated personal team work and well equipped manufacturing facilities

Melting is done in cupola furnace

Moulding where in sand is conditioned in a high speed mix muller and moulds are made with simultaneous jolt squeeze moulding machines and closed with a closing unit,oil cores,Co2 cores are baked which ensures quality.

Fettling is done by using hanger type shot blasting machine, pedestal, hand frame grinders and die grinders


  • 42"Divided Blast Cupola Furnace with Melting capacity per hour 1.5Tons
  • 270 Simultaneous Jolt & Squeeze Moulding Machine with Pin Centre 595 mm
  • 300 kg Intensive Sand Mix Muller with Skipper
  • 4000kg/ hour Sand Sievier
  • 250 kg Hanger type Shot Blasting Machine
  • 100 kg Core Sand Mixer
  • Pedestal Grinder
  • 20.0 HP Air Compressor Reciprocating type with 500 lt Tank
  • 62.5 KVA Generator


Vasantham Foundry is tuned to manufacture to the extent of 1800 tonnes in
an year and it proves to supply :
In UnMachined and Machined conditions

  • Big and Small Batches
  • Castings weighing from few grams to 250.0 Kgs

Testing Equipments

  • Carbon Silicon Analyzer
  • Mould Hardness Tester
  • Brinell Hardness Tester 3000kg
  • Manometer

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