Grey Iron Casting - India

Why Grey Iron Casting ?

The most versatile of all foundry metals is the grey iron used in our casting. It makes us proud to display an array of products we have in grey iron castings and to give you more details regarding the type of work we can do for you.

There are many reasons in choosing Grey iron than any other metal for our castings.  Grey iron has high carbon content which helps in easy melting, casting and machining. Grey iron has very low degree of shrinkage. Grey iron casting of any design can be made with ease because of grey iron's high fluidity. By careful composition and selection of grey iron for our castings we get a great degree of tensil and hardness.

Grey iron , though being the cheapest of any ferrous material available, still has a number of desirable characteristics not possessed by any other metal. Gray iron is one of the most easily cast of all metals in the foundry. It has the lowest pouring temperature of the ferrous metals, which is reflected in its high fluidity and its ability to make grey iron casting in any intricate shapes.

In many applications, grey iron is just used in its as-cast condition, meaning that machining is not required for the grey iron casting but Grey iron has better machining qualities producing easily disposed of chips and giving a clean surface with excellent wear characteristics. The resistance of gray iron to scoring and galling with proper matrix and graphite structure is universally recognized.

To avoid the general claim that the life of a grey iron parts are short lived we carefully check and apply higher strength and hardness grade of iron as required for every specific casting. On the contrary one has to increase the necessary strength and hardness only if required if not the grey iron casting will become costlier and machining cost will increase through lower machining rates. It is here that we put in our experience and strike a balance to bring the best output.

It is surprising that in spite of grey iron being an old material and widely used in engineering industry, the metallurgy of the material has not been clearly understood by many. Vasantham foundry is one of the few who have understood and harnessed its potential.

Grey iron Casting  - Foundry practice

The mechanical properties of gray iron casting are not only determined by composition but also to an extent influenced by foundry practice, particularly cooling rate in the casting. All of the carbon in gray iron, other than that combined with iron to form pearlite in the matrix, is present as graphite in the form of flakes of varying size and shape. It is the presence of these flakes formed on solidification which characterize gray iron. The presence of these flakes also imparts most of the desirable properties to gray iron. Though this information looks too technical it is imperative that the grey iron casting foundries like Vasantham understand its chemistry to some extent.

We manufacture a wide range of Grey Iron Casting finished products in full or as accessories. Some of our Products are listed below.

Borewell Compressor Pumps - VASANTHAM Borewell compresor pump suitable for Agriculture, Domestic & Industrial purpose

Semi-Automatic Granite Polishing Machine - The Brembana range of marble and granite polishing machines can meet the production needs of both a small workshop and of a large manufacturing company.

Casting Iron Grill Accessories - A new concept. Born out of experience of having successfully handled hundreds of projects. The basic idea is to give you a package that is beyond imagination combined with creative skills.

Motor & Pumps Accessories  - For the Motor and Pump industry we manufacture Pump Castings, Impellers, End Bracket, Flanges, Motor Body Covers
Textile Accessories -
Textile machinery spares we manufacture :

Roller stand, Arm Bar Slide, Roller Beam, Gearing Unit, Stop Motion Box, Boot, Bearing Stand, Lap Stand, Lap Bracket, Carding Wing (LH & RH), Lickeren Bracket.

Printing Accessories - We deal with Cutting, Perforator, Hard Press, Offset and Proof Machine Spares.

Kitchen Accessories - We manufacture wheels for Muruku Preparation Machine and Gear Boxes. We also manufacture Burners for all types of Gas Stoves.

Fire Proof Accessories - We make Roller Wheels for Doors and Weights.

Agricultural Accessories - We make Silencer Flange, Covers,pulleys, Fly Wheel & Radiator Base for Power Triller Accessories.

Weighing Accessories - We make Beam, Plate, Pendulam Scale for Table Top Weighing Accessories, Platform Scale Weighing Accessories.

Hospital Accessories - We make wheels for Strecher & Gear Boxes.

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